City confirm deals with Pep’s entire backroom staff ahead of the new season


Pep Guardiola and his four trusted commanders celebrate winning the double with Bayern Munich just last week

Friends, it’s begun. The Pep revolution at Manchester City is underway, even though not too many people may realise it. While our new manager is yet to officially take over operations of our club, the City bigwigs have already started to supplement him with whatever he may need ahead of his debut season in England. If you’re thinking about new signings, you’re correct, but these signings are not players. The new signings that I’m talking about are Pep’s right-hand-men, the newest members of the City backroom.

For all his individuality and zest, Pep Guardiola is a man who loves working in teams. Ever since he took over as the boss of Barcelona all those years ago, there has been a loyal posse of footballing geniuses who’ve accompanied him everywhere, and the good news is that these special gentlemen will be coming to Manchester as well.


Guardiola is seen here with Manuel Estiarte, a former Water Polo player and one of Pep’s closest friends

Domenec Torrent, Lorenzo Buenaventura, Carles Planchart and Manuel Estiarte are the four men who we’ll be seeing on the touchline alongside Pep Guardiola. All of these men are highly respected in the world of modern football for helping Guardiola take Barcelona and Bayern Munich on the road to success.

Torrent is seen as Pep’s Number 2 and is supposed to be the only man who has the authority to deliver team talks in his absence. Buenaventura is a fitness coach who has a keen interest in keeping players fit. Planchart is the reconnaissance man, in charge of scoping out Pep’s opponents and preparing reports on their playing styles while Estiarte is Pep’s confidante, a person who the great Guardiola can go to in times of crisis.


Carles Planchart stands overlooking proceedings with Pep Guardiola ahead of a Bayern Munich game

Together, these four individuals, along with Guardiola at the helm, is one of the most coveted backroom teams in the world of football. The success that these five men have enjoyed together is unbelievable as they’ve won whatever Pep has won. So technically, not only are we getting a fantastic manager, but we’re also getting all of the four guys who assisted him for the last eight years!

Alongside these four individuals, Guardiola has stated that he would like to keep hold of City legend Brian Kidd, who’s been attached to us for 12 years. Another man who Pep wants to keep is City’s present goalkeeping coach Xabier Mancisidor, an individual whose work with us has been highly regarded.

Xabier Mancisidor

Xabier Mancisidor has earned acclaim during his tenure at Manchester City and looks all set to extend his stay with us

While we’re yet to make any new signings with the new season still two-and-a-half months away, I’m extremely excited with theĀ progress that we’ve made with our non-playing personnel. When Guardiola’s move to us was confirmed back in February, I immediately began to worry about whether or not his assistants would come in as well. Having a great team chemistry is a massive reason behind attaining success, and it relieves me to finally hear that Guardiola will indeed have his own partners to help get the best out of him, which in turn should get the best out of Manchester City Football Club.

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