De Bruyne contract

Alexis Sanchez has joined that team from Trafford in Greater Manchester then, so what? Well I’m not bitter, I talk facts and sense here. Would he have been a great signing for us, of course. Anyone that says he wouldn’t have been is kidding themselves. Sure, every new signing doesn’t always work out, we know and so do United. Honestly though, the gamble on bringing in new players is clearly more of a risk when they’ve never played in this country before, whether in the Premier League or below.

Sanchez has proven what he is and what he can do and unfortunately I can see him doing that at United as well. Am I gutted he’s gone to them? No. I was annoyed a little initially but then you have to remember your principles. If he wants to play for some other team rather than our club then I’m fine with that, it’s his loss. I only want players here now that want to be here, want to commit to us and more importantly want to play for Pep.

I’ve heard people moaning about the money that Sanchez has gone for and how much he is supposedly due to be paid each week. How can we say anything though, with what we’ve paid and bought players for in recent years. Not that it’s a criticism from me, it’s brilliant from our point of view and to see what I have seen over the years to where we are now is tremendous.

Let’s not get into petty arguments with the red lot from Trafford though, it’s embarrassing and it just gives them more ammunition to say we’re bitter. Give over I hear you say, but before you start reacting to some rant or some awful picture that’s been put on social media. Think! Reacting to stuff on there just makes you one of them and fuels their desire to keep putting stuff out there. Laugh it off, I do.

At the end of the day, it’s much better to have a proper conversion with your United mates down the pub, if you have any. United friends I mean, not friends. Of course you might not agree with each other, you probably won’t but that is what your opinions are about.

You know what I find is the best way to get a reaction, beat them when we play them, win trophies when they are not and then don’t say anything. In fact, don’t talk about them at all. Talk about our club. Anyway, good luck Sanchez, we hope you winning nothing. Oh, did De Bruyne sign a new contract with us this week? He certainly did and that pleases me no end as he is the future of our football club going forward along with a few of the other lads. His contract was for five more years so knowing he is signed up til 2023 is superb and hopefully more will follow suit. We are going places big time!

Anyway, on with this season first, we have Cardiff away this weekend in FA Cup 4th Round and then it’s back to the Premier League as well as the Champions League in February. Then after Tuesday’s win against Bristol City we now have another trip to Wembley and a chance to win the League Cup once again. In fact, here are our confirmed kick off dates and times for both February and March:


Saturday 3rd February PREMIER LEAGUE Burnley 12:30 Manchester City

Saturday 10th February PREMIER LEAGUE Manchester City 17:30 Leicester City

Tuesday 13th February CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROUND OF 16 FC Basel 19:45 Manchester City

Sunday 25th February EFL CUP FINAL Manchester City 16:30 Arsenal

Manchester City, League Cup winners in 2016


Thursday 1st March PREMIER LEAGUE Arsenal 19:45 Manchester City

Sunday 4th March PREMIER LEAGUE Manchester City 16:00 Chelsea

Wednesday 7th March CHAMPIONS LEAGUE ROUND OF 16 Manchester City 19:45 FC Basel

Monday 12th March PREMIER LEAGUE Stoke City 20:00 Manchester City

Sunday 18th March PREMIER LEAGUE Manchester City 16:00 Brighton & Hove Albion

Saturday 31st March PREMIER LEAGUE Everton 17:30 Manchester City

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