Half way point and FA Cup time

We’ve not won the FA Cup since 2011 now

As we take a break from our Premier League campaign whilst we take part in the FA Cup, so how will we go tonight? For starters I think it’s a ridiculous decision that we’re having to play tonight just for TV, the FA could quite easily have played this tomorrow or Sunday. As Friday’s go, this is going to be one of the busiest Friday’s of the whole year with hardly anyone being off work after the festive period. I could possibly understand it if the best Premier League FA Cup fixture of this round was between two local teams, but they aren’t. Therefore our City fans have to travel down to London tonight. Marvellous, I hope all our fans make it on-time.

I actually know some United football friends that went down to the London Stadium on Tuesday, yes the M6 was it’s usual busy self, plus there was a few accidents but they were still moving. When they got to in and around Stratford though, it was still gridlocked getting to the coach park. They ended up arriving literally as the game started, after having to do a full loop of the ground from a distance before getting stuck in all the local traffic. On a Bank Holiday too!

I think Pep will get it sorted, so I have patience

Anyway, enough about them. Onto the actual game tonight, I think Aguero and Silva will be back in the start line up and they have to be if we have any chance of winning in my opinion. We need to create as much as possible as the chance of us keeping a clean sheet against them are very slim, defensively we have been shocking this year. Possibly the worst I have ever seen it, I think I can count on hand the amount of clean sheets we’ve had so far this season.

I think Pep will get it sorted so I have patience, my above points are just valid ones that I think the majority of you fans out there will agree with. I’m not sure he’ll ever get it sorted in pre or post match interviews though, he just doesn’t seem to like doing them does he? Again though, that doesn’t bother me really, yes it’s good to come across okay, but if he starts to get it right on the pitch no one will care what he says.

I’m sure West Ham will have a few changes this evening as well, it just seem standard these days that the vast majority of teams always do. Carroll will probably play and he’s bound to cause our ropey defence problems. I still think we’ll be good enough though, so I’m going for a 2-1 win.

As we’re half way through the season, I’ve put the remaining fixtures and current kick off times below.

January 2017
Premier League Everton v Manchester City Sun 15 Jan 13:30
Premier League Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur Sat 21 Jan 17:30

February 2017
Premier League West Ham United v Manchester City Wed 1 Feb 19:45
Premier League Manchester City v Swansea City Sun 5 Feb 13:30
Premier League Bournemouth v Manchester City Mon 13 Feb 20:00
Champions League – Round of 16 Manchester City v Monaco Tue 21 Feb 19:45
Premier League Manchester City v Manchester United Sun 26 Feb 14:15

March 2017
Premier League Sunderland v Manchester City Sat 4 Mar 15:00
Premier League Manchester City v Stoke City Sat 11 Mar 15:00
Champions League – Round of 16 Monaco v Manchester City Wed 15 Mar 19:45
Premier League Manchester City v Liverpool Sat 18 Mar 15:00

April 2017
Premier League Arsenal v Manchester City Sat 1 Apr 15:00
Premier League Chelsea v Manchester City Wed 5 Apr 19:45
Premier League Manchester City v Hull City Sat 8 Apr 15:00
Premier League Southampton v Manchester City Sat 15 Apr 15:00
Premier League Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion Sat 22 Apr 15:00
Premier League Middlesbrough v Manchester City Sat 29 Apr 15:00

May 2017
Premier League Manchester City v Crystal Palace Sat 6 May 15:00
Premier League Manchester City v Leicester City Sat 13 May 15:00
Premier League Watford v Manchester City Sun 21 May 15:00

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