Old Trafford December derby

Did we beat United last weekend? I’m sure we did as we scored more goals than them. Why am I then still hearing United fans coming out with such rubbish as “well you didn’t actually play that well and we stopped you from playing”. What garbage, although to some degree they might actually be right. Okay okay you stopped us playing, I’m joking by the way, but bare with me.

Let’s just say United “stopped” us playing, the fact that we still beat them speak volumes. We didn’t even play with an out and out striker either. Their fans do make me laugh sometimes. Never in my City life of following our great club have I ever seen United sit off us at Old Trafford from kick off like that before. It was actually embarrassing, for twenty minutes the amount of unchallenged possession we had was ridiculous.

After about twenty minutes I thought, well they’ve soaked up what we’ve done so far so they might now come at us, but no. They just sat back and allowed us to dominate even more in their own back yard. Shocking, parking the bus at home. Now, we didn’t create too much but we didn’t have to, if they were happy playing like that then we’ll leave them to it. It will not affect us and they way we play.

We’ve struggled in a few games this season of course, Bournemouth in late August and then more recently Huddersfield, Southampton and West Ham but on every occasion we’ve found the win. That’s because we now have this mentality now to never stop attacking and never give up on getting a winner to the final whistle.

This was not a struggle though and although our goals came from shocking errors from them we fully deserved the 2-1 victory. David Silva knocked it in and gave us the lead from close range but totally against the run of play Rashford score right on half-time. Thankfully we took the lead again just nine minutes into the second half when Otamendi also knocked it in from close range. After that we dominate the ball again but if it wasn’t for Ederson it could have all been different. Ederson made a couple of great saves from Lukaku and then Juan Mata.

Anyway, it was job done at Old Trafford and we’ve since followed that up with another away win against Swansea on Wednesday. That was enough training session for ourselves as we cruised the whole game. Up next, Spurs at home tomorrow, should be cracker but I’m confident we’ll win easy in the end.

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