Premier League is over – we’re scary

Two days ago this season’s Premier League season finished for another year. The summer is now ahead of us but I cannot see the same excitement of anticipation as we had this time last year. However, I do feel this is a critical period is Pep’s and our future. He’s had a full season in charge now and after the start we had you can definitely say it ended overall in disappointment. I think the majority of us thought with Pep coming in and the start we had we’d easily be winning trophies again this season.

Vincent’s still got it hasn’t he?

It wasn’t to be though and all though we tried in the FA Cup and of course the Champions League we simply weren’t good enough. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not afraid of trying to win matches offensively but on the flip side we have struggled at the back. We all know that thought don’t we? That is why in my opinion Pep has to bring in players so we can have a solid back four.

Our left back position hasn’t been great for years, it’s been okay but it’s about time we now had a great left back. The same on the other side, we haven’t found a solid replacement for Zabaleta. Stones is the future in the middle but we need someone along side him. As our captain Vincent Kompany proved at the back end of the season that he still has it. He still leads well, defensively he’s still got it, he was scoring goals (3 in 7 games) so I’d love to see him there for a few more years. How much longer can we reply on him with his injuries though?

We’re scary at times going forward

As for our last game, we required just a draw against Watford on Sunday to guarantee Champions League football next season. It was never in doubt for me either, we were on a run with three straight wins and Watford had lost five in a row coming in to it. There was going to be nothing other than a win for us.Kompany started the scoring with a great header. Then an inch perfect pass from De Bruyne to Aquero, who’d held his line and with a great finish meant Sergio had his best scoring season ever for us. Why would we want to get rid of him? Sane still excites me and he made it 3-0 with some brilliant team passing. Quite simply Leroy Sane has the whole league in front of him next season and will again be a player to watch. The German is only going to get better and better and he’s still only young at 21 years old. Before half-time was out Fernandihno had made it four, but to be honest Watford were shocking at times and especially for his goal. It’s no surprise that Mazzarri has been sacked.

“score more goals” is still Pep’s message

Jesus made it five in the second-half, the speed of Aquero did them as their back four were playing too high and then the control and finish from Jesus. It could have been more but for Gomez’s saves late on. Watford hardly had a chance the whole game, except for a clearance off the line towards the end.

Jesus and Aquero to start up top next season and have a full season together? I’d like to see it as they’ve not had many chances to do it this. In fact, I could probably count it on one hand. Anyway, “score more goals” is still Pep’s message, so from that you he just doesn’t care about conceding, he just wants to score more. Hasn’t he learnt? Come on City!


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