Two wins from two for Guardiola

Two wins yes, but two completely different games. Last Saturday’s opening Premier League game against Sunderland was certainly a bit cagey compared to last nights. Against Sunderland we seemed a bit cautious and only created a few chances, not that I’m complaining, it was the opening day of the season, the performance goes out of the window as it’s all about getting points on the board for me.

steaua-bucharest-man-cityMy word, last night though, if Aguero had scored those two penalties (hopefully he’s got his misses out of the way now) we’d of been three up in no time at all and who knows what the final score would of been. In the end we put five past Steaua Bucharest and of course we were all happy with that. Steaua’s tackling and defending was truly awful at times and no wonder they gave away stupid penalties after really poor late tackles. In the end, yes we could of had close to 10 goals in such a one sided game. The job is basically done and hopefully Pep will give other squad players some game time next week now. First up Stoke this Saturday in the new 12.30pm lunchtime kick off slot.

Also though, I only noticed earlier, how I missed it I’ll never know as I’m always checking fixtures updates etc. Anyway yes, BT Sports and SKY Sports have already announced October and November’s TV games and they’re listed below. Thankfully they have done this very early considering August and September’s live fixtures were only sorted last month. Least I can start planning more weekends now.

Not all our games are on TV and although yes, if you’re not at the game it is good to be able to watch our City boys in your front room or down the pub. For me though, if it’s not on TV it more or less means it’s a 3pm kick off on a Saturday afternoon and yes, although I accept TV is a big part of our football lives now and always will be. It is great to spend the morning with your family and then head off to the pub to catch up with your mates for a few beers before and after the game. Great to still have a connection to the early days of going in my opinion

Enough of my ramblings anyway, here are the scheduled changes if any for October and November.

October 2016
Premier League – Tottenham v Man City Sun 2nd Oct 14:15hrs

Premier League – Man City v Everton Sat 15th Oct 15:00hrs

Premier League – Man City v Southampton Sun 23rd Oct 13:30hrs

Premier League – West Brom v Man City Sat 29th Oct 15:00hrs

November 2016
Premier League – Man City v Middlesbrough Sat 5th Nov 15:00hrs

Premier League – Crystal Palace v Man City Sat 19th Nov 15:00hrs

Premier League – Burnley v Man City Sat 26th Nov 12:30hrs

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